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About Us

We help you accentuate the most attractive and powerful part of your personality- YOUR SMILE!

“Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.” ​– Thich Nhat Hanh.

We at LoveMySmile are passionate about perfecting smiles. Whether you are a young college goer or an on-the-go corporate professional or a homemaker or a father of married children- Nothing and absolutely nothing should stop you from getting the smile of your dreams! We custom design perfect smiles that too at your convenience in your home or office or at our partner clinic near your home.

When it comes to smile solutions, the Indian market does not have providers who can provide a complete array of smile problems – the focus of most players is primarily on aligners. However the customer needs their smile transformation cannot be met by aligners alone! Realizing this gap, LoveMySmile provides a wide range of products to give you that perfect smile. The product range includes

  • LoveMySmile Aligners & braces- most modern and technologically advance aligners and braces for crooked & misaligned teeth
  • LoveMySmile Bytes- widest range of products for missing tooth replacement
  • LoveMySmile Whites- Teeth whitening products

LoveMySmile is driven by the mantra of TechAhead. We believe technology to be an enabler to our quest in delivering you the perfect smile and we make disproportionate investment in technology.

There are three core values which are crucial in getting us where we are today and will continue to guide us in future – Companionship, Transparency & TechAhead.

Leadership Team

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    Mr. Amarinder Singh

    (Chief Executive Officer)

    An alumnus of Harvard Business School, Amar holds an MBA (honors), has master’s degree in System Design Engineering (Gold Medalist) from University of Waterloo, Canada and a formal degree in Mechanical Engineering. Prior to founding Orthoprivé India Pvt. Ltd (Owner of LoveMySmile brand) he set up Clove Dental, the largest Chain of India.

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    Dr. Nitin Doshi

    (Board Member)

    A dentist by profession and founder of National Dental, a dental service organization that currently manages network of dental clinics in USA.Founder of Dome Equities, which has assets over $1.2B USD in multi-family housing across the US.He is also the founder of DIG, operator of over 38 out-patient imaging centers which was the largest privately owned imaging company in the US

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    Dr. Basil Moukarim

    (Board Member)

    Dr. Moukarim has been creating confident smiles since 1998. Individual attention, dedicated care using top technology for a confident, healthy smile has been Dr Moukarim’s philosophy. He earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 1998 from the Baylor College of Dentistry. Before attending dental school, Dr. Moukarim attended the University of St. Thomas where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology with a minor in philosophy.

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    Dr Amit Sachdeva

    (Chief Smile Evangelist)

    With 25+ years of experience as an Invisalign APAC speaker and trainer, and 15 years of treating patients with high-end braces systems, Dr Amit Sachdeva, has trained more than 250+ orthodontists and treated the maximum number of cases with Invisalign in India. Dr Amit’s team has successfully cured 25,000+ ortho cases and is on a mission to bring perfect smiles to millions more. Let’s get behind the decades of experience and start the journey to your perfect smile!

“In your smile transformation journey you are never alone. Our team of smile experts enabled by remote management system and wide network of partner clinics are always with you.”

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Backed by our expert network of specialists present across the country in 23 cities, you will never have to worry about your treatment progression.



Our 3D Smile imaging process is so advanced that you can see your future smile before signing up for the transformation journey. The results of your future smile are absolutely accurate & predictable leaving no room for any guesswork.



With India’s largest network of dental professionals, support from our smile expert is just a call away.



They say a smile costs nothing. With our EMIs starting at Rs. 2,352, we kind of agree! Choose from convenient EMI options.



Right from our 3D Smile imaging scanner & software to the material used for braces, aligners or bytes, we take pride in using the world’s best technology & materials for visibly effective results that are sustainable.

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