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Clear Teeth Aligners Advantages

Why choose LoveMySmile?

Because we want you to transition from a Close- Lipped smile to a Heartfelt laughter. Whatever be the reason behind your hesitation to smile openly, we have a solution for it. Crooked/ Misaligned Teeth? Discolored/ Yellow Teeth? Missing Teeth? Chipped Teeth? Our smile experts offer customised technology in your home and comfort.

Solutions at LoveMySmile:

  • LoveMyBraces Aligners: Aligners (Invisible Braces)
  • LoveMyBraces Metallics: Traditional Metallic Braces
  • LoveMyBracesFunky: Colored Braces
  • LoveMyBytes: Permanent fixed teeth to replace missing teeth
  • LoveMyBracesWhites: Teeth Whitening Solutions

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    Backed by our expert network of specialists present across the country in 23 cities, you will never have to worry about your treatment progression.

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    Our 3D Smile imaging process is so advanced that you can see your future smile before signing up for the transformation journey. The results of your future smile are absolutely accurate & predictable leaving no room for any guesswork.

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    With India’s largest network of dental professionals, support from our smile expert is just a call away.

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    They say a smile costs nothing. With our EMIs starting at Rs. 2,352, we kind of agree! Choose from convenient EMI options.

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    Right from our 3D Smile imaging scanner & software to the material used for braces, aligners or bytes, we take pride in using the world’s best technology & materials for visibly effective results that are sustainable.

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Custom designed for you by an Orthodontist

Custom designed by an orthodontist who specializes in Teeth alignment treatments using a physical / digital scan of your teeth, taken using a easy-to-use silicon-based home-impression kit.
A detailed treatment plan is drawn out by the orthodontist after analyzing your scan where a glimpse of your future smile / corrected teeth is shown to you using a 3D simulation. The results are predictable and accurate and there is no room for guesswork.



Straighten your teeth in the comfort of your home

With Clinic visits optional, LoveMySmile@Home offers everything you need on your teeth straightening journey delivered to your doorstep. The orthodontist will monitor your progress throughout your journey virtually.



World class technology and best aligner material

LoveMySmile Metallic use best in class internationally recognized premium brands for conventional metallic & coloured braces. LoveMySmile Aligners are fabricated using European technology with best-in-class aligner material which is FDA approved and BPA free.



Hassle- free solution with remote monitoring

The same orthodontist who designs and your treatment plan will monitor your progress remotely or otherwise with minimal / no clinic visits! With our partner dental network spanning over 25 Cities, you can rest assure that any interim requirements will be easily managed even if you are constantly on-the-go!

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