Side effects of Aligner treatments- Things to be mindful about

The science behind tooth movement, though has been around for over 100 years, has been developing rapidly, whether that may be the biomechanics or the bio materials used for the treatment all are evolving fast,constantly improving. Considering the advantage of progressing 3D digital planning softwares and pre-calibrated and prefabricated trays used for bringing about desired changes in tooth positions, the Clear Aligner technique soon became a popular choice among individuals for orthodontic treatment.

However the ease and comfort associated with aligner treatment is not without shortcomings. The selection of cases plays an important role for a successful treatment result with aligners. The orthodontist must always assess the case well before undertaking it for aligner treatments. While it is capable of dealing with many malocclusions certain complex tooth movements are difficult to carry out with aligners or may take a lot of time.

  1. Complexity of malocclusion
    Certain tooth movements like severe rotations, open bite of a larger degree, large movements of back teeth are difficult tooth movements and may require multiple number of trays for correction and in certain cases achieving the best results may not be assured. This not only increases treatment time but also affects the affordability of the appliance.
  2. Removable Appliance
    While being removable is the biggest advantage of this appliance it’s also a common reason for the failure of treatment. Many patients may find it difficult to wear the appliance for the required time and often remove it at any chance they get. This ends up increasing the treatment time significantly. For the success of the treatment patient compliance is highly important. If not worn properly, it won’t have any effect on the tooth position thus adding to the frustration of not being able to appreciate any changes by the patient.
  3. Costly
    This treatment is still more expensive than traditional braces treatment.This is mainly because of the various advancements in the technology associated with this treatment and the level of comfort provided by it. From being invisible to most comfortable, aligners offer so many advantages over traditional braces that the cost at times may at times be overlooked.
  4. Breakage/ Misplacing appliance
    Since the aligners have to be worn and removed from the teeth many times in a day,careless handling of the appliance may result in its breakage while wearing or removing the tray. more often than not people remove their aligners while having coffee or enjoying a meal at a restaurant/cafe and then forget about it. Replacements of aligners add to the cost of treatments as well as end up prolonging the treatment duration.It also affects the fitting of the subsequent aligner trays in the mouth which may require for refinement scans, again increasing the expense of the appliance.
  5. Oral Hygiene Maintenance
    Maintaining oral hygiene with clear Aligner treatments is way more easier than the traditional braces but still requires proper attention. It’s absolutely important to avoid intake of foods or drinks containing high sugars/acids like sodas or sports/energy drinks during aligner wear.This not only causes tooth decay but also affects the material of the aligners making it less effective.
    However sophisticated and advanced is the treatment with Clear Aligners, the limitations of the treatment can not be overlooked. working with their limitations help us in taking aware, informed decisions about our treatments.