Dr. Sakshi Goel, DDS

Last Modified: Oct 30, 2021


Yes!! why not? There is no age limit for a beautiful smile. It is for any individual who is concerned about their teeth esthetically or functionally. In fact, in recent times as looks have become more important for people, more and more adult patients are opting for orthodontic treatment and are great candidates too because of self motivation.

Reasons for adult patients seeking braces treatment can be many:

  • Esthetic/ Cosmetic
  • Dentally compromised:- Missing/Lost teeth/ changed bite
  • Wear of teeth: grinding of teeth / faulty bite
  • Periodontally compromised:- gum related problems
  • Temporomandibular joint dysfunction:- joint problems like clicking on mouth opening/pain in function
  • jaw position changes
  • as an adjunct in sleep apnea cases to position the lower jaw forward.

Hence goal for orthodontic treatment in adults is mainly to:

Improve periodontal health

  • by eliminating plaque harboring areas
  • by improving jaw bone contour adjacent to the teeth

Establish favorable crown to root ratios
This is done by repositioning the teeth so as to eliminate any damaging forces to teeth, jaw bone and surrounding tissues.
Facilitate restorative treatment by repositioning teeth

  • to gain adequate space for implants
  • optimal esthetics through laminates, crowns etc


The benefits from the treatment is more holistic than just being cosmetic. Many age related issues such as tooth migration, increasing gaps between teeth, gum recession, loosening of teeth, uncomfortable chewing issues developed over time, tooth wear are common problems faced by patients at later stages of their life.

With the increase in demand for esthetic appliances like ceramic braces/ lingual braces among adult patients more and more people are opting and accepting orthodontic treatments at later stages of their life.

More so with Aligners : a clear, invisible and affordable alternative patients can now choose to be braces free.

The advantage with aligners are they do not need:

  • lengthy procedures to fix braces
  • acid etching/ conditioning of tooth surface
  • repeated fixtures due to bracket failures
  • frequent monthly visits/emergency visits
  • discomfort with every adjustment
  • stay in the same town till treatment completion
  • diet changes
  • lifestyle changes
  • sacrifices in job

So why waste time on thinking or being in any doubt? With LoveMyBraces the aligner journey can start at the comfort of your home without anybody noticing. Start your treatment today.

Team LMS

Oct 30, 2021