Dr. Sakshi Goel, DDS

Last Modified: Dec 13, 2021


Spacing/ Gaps in between teeth are a common problem encountered in most of the individuals. They often appear as black lines or partitions in between teeth which not only is unpleasant to look at but also has serious long term effects like gum recession, food lodgement and maintaining hygiene.

While some choose to ignore it some change there lifestyle a tad bit to make it less visible. Being conscious on smiling or not smiling enough to display front teeth, hiding/covering mouth while laughing or eating in social gatherings are common behavioral traits in such people.


The most basic solution is to go for braces treatment. Depending on ones preference various treatment options are now available for the same like metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces. Though the treatment results are favorable and long lasting these traditional methods demand a lot from there patients; from poking wires to discomfort after every adjustment, monthly visits to dietary changes during the duration of treatment, the idea of something fixed on the surface of your teeth for certain duration.. often come across as a scaring and a stressful experience.


The advent of modern technology has allowed clinicians and there patients to opt for convenient comfortable option which can bring about the same results without compromising on ones lifestyle.
Introducing Aligners: They are customized, super thin resin trays which does the job of traditional brackets but in a far better way. Not only are they invisible, light and basically transparent (makes it hard to notice) but also removable that means no restrictions.


  • Invisible
  • Comfortable, convenient, easy to wear easy to remove.
  • Smooth in texture hence readily adaptable to soft tissues (cheek, tongue, lips) and do not cause any soreness or ulcerations on wearing.
  • Regular monthly visits are reduced to once in 8 weeks to keep them on track and the progress of the treatment can be visualized by the orthodontist digitally.
  • Can be worn with confidence anytime anywhere without making it obvious that you are undergoing any treatment.
    Easy traveling without fear of missing appointments.
  • Treatment can take place at the comfort of home.
    They have proven to be effective in correcting various tooth problems like spacing, crooked/crowded teeth, forwardly placed teeth, gummy smiles, deep bites, open bites and many more.


While the science behind the technology is advanced and intricate, the delivery of the service is extremely simple and comfortable.

It can be done in 3 simple steps:

STEP 1: Impressions/ 3DScans
STEP 2: A customized treatment plan & a glimpse of your future smile is drawn using your impressions.
STEP 3: 3D printed aligner trays are delivered to you

The patient receives a set of aligners marked and numbered. Each set is worn for around 2 weeks for 22-24 hours a day and then changes to the next set. As one progresses from one tray to another minor tooth movement is advanced towards the final result. Once they complete with the final tray a permanent retainer will be placed to maintain the final position of your teeth. This marks the end of the treatment.

Team LMS

Dec 13, 2021