Dr. Vidhi Vatsala

Last Modified: Mar 30, 2023


Table of Contents

  • 01.Braces at Different Age
  • 02.Pre-Teens to Early Teens
  • 03.Teenagers and Young Adults

Desiring perfect straight teeth and a beautiful smile doesn’t come under any age. There are numerous misconceptions associated with the best age to get teeth aligners. Getting orthodontic treatment largely depends on numerous factors like teeth gapping, crowded teeth, teeth straightening, etc. As invisible aligners require regular maintenance, it is better to understand its requirement for successful results. Clear aligners are the primary choice of patients to fix their teeth.

Let’s bust your myths related to the use of aligners at a certain age.

Braces at Different Age

Here are the ways orthodontic treatment is divided according to the age of the person.

Pre-Teens to Early Teens

Usually, orthodontists advise going for any sort of orthodontic treatment when the patient doesn’t have any teeth to lose. The primary reason is that the treatment requires time to reposition your teeth and there is no sense in performing those teeth which are eventually going to lose anyway.

To wear invisible aligners, proper oral care and cleaning are required and if the kid is not consistent with regular teeth cleaning, then a parent should wait. Let your kid be responsible for their habits.

During pre-teens, the teeth are emerging and take time to set permanently. This continuous repositioning might require teeth to make more room in the jaw which can eventually solve their teeth straightening problem.

Sometimes, clear aligners require correcting the improper bytes at an early age to save them from getting worse in adulthood. The pre-emptive orthodontic treatment is recommended if you are facing difficulty in straightening your teeth.

Teenagers and Young Adults

The age between 14 to 20 is perfect to get your teeth aligners. At this age, the teeth fully emerge into the jaw, but the tissues and bones are still in the process of maturing. Therefore, at this age, the invisible aligner makes it easier for teeth to move in certain positions in less time.

The teens must be patient with the occasional discomfort that comes with adjustment and the incremental tightening of the appliances. Also, patients with clear aligners for orthodontic treatment must have good hygiene habits by following the necessary steps to maintain the appliances and keep them clean. It will prevent any chance of discolouration of tooth enamel.
It is not uncommon for patients within a certain age range to feel hesitant about wearing a visible dental appliance as it may impact their appearance for the year or more that the treatment requires. However, there are alternative options that are less noticeable, such as ceramic braces or Invisalign clear aligners, that can alleviate these concerns.

While teens and young adults are typically the most common orthodontic patients, there are cases where the use of braces may be postponed. For instance, if there are concerns regarding the emergence of wisdom teeth that could potentially hinder the treatment process, it may be recommended to have them removed beforehand to achieve optimal results.

Mature Adults

While the teenage years and early adulthood are generally considered the optimal time for orthodontic treatment, there is an increasing number of mature adults who are either opting for or being recommended to receive braces by their dentist.

There are various reasons why mature adults may choose to undergo orthodontic treatment with invisible aligners. Perhaps it was not an available option during their youth due to financial constraints or other medical issues, but they now possess the necessary resources, time, and health status to undergo the treatment. In some cases, adults may require orthodontics to address a dental health issue that has developed over time.

Additionally, an injury or accident may have caused damage that can only be remedied through orthodontic treatment. However, adults of all ages can choose different aligners to get the desired outcomes.


After fourteen is considered the prominent age to get clear aligners. But, ensure that you are taking medical expertise, to begin with, the procedure. The orthodontist will guide you as per your condition for the teeth aligners treatment.


Dr. Vidhi Vatsala

Mar 30, 2023