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What Are Aligners

Clear Aligners, commonly known as Invisible Braces, are transparent custom-made 3D printed trays made of special biocompatible polyurethane resin which is used to straighten teeth and work just like conventional wired braces but in a way more discreet, comfortable, and convenient manner. Easier on the eyes and in the mouth, aligners use gentle and constant force to move teeth into the ideal position without going through the pain and hassle of metal wires or braces.

What age group do aligners work for?

Aligners are an established teeth straightening modality for anyone between 12 to 55 years of age. So, your age is no longer a deterrent for you to transform your smile!

How Do Aligners Work

Custom-made for each individual case, Aligners correct a variety of malocclusions (misalignments) ranging from Gaps, Crooked Teeth, Bite Anomalies and more, with the treatment duration ranging anywhere between 4 – 18 months depending on the severity of an individual case.

Want to get #TeethSexy Smile

Want to get #TeethSexy Smile

Just book a home 3D scan, and our smile assessment specialist will come to your doorstep for a smile scan. Get your crooked or misaligned teeth correct with the easy 5-step smile process by LoveMySmile. Our Dental Council Certified Orthodontist will monitor the progress through video calls or in-person to ensure a flawless treatment.

Treatable Cases

  • Teeth Gaps & Spacing
    Gaps & Spacing

    Teeth spacing is a condition where gaps appear between adjacent teeth, caused by either a missing tooth or when the teeth are smaller than the available space along the jaw line.

  • Teeth Crowding

    When the teeth overlap or mainly due to lack of space along one’s jawline, it causes crowding – a condition where the teeth to look crooked. Other causes for the same can be improper eruption of teeth, early or delayed loos of primary teeth.

  • invisalign overbite

    In this condition, the upper front teeth protrude over the lower ones and often don’t touch one another with the upper front teeth covering the lower front teeth, either partially or completely.

  • transparent teeth braces

    When one or more of the upper teeth bite on the inside of the lower teeth, the condition is known as a crossbite. This can occur on either one or both sides of the jaw.

  • dental aligners
    Open Bite

    In this condition, the front upper teeth do not overlap the lower teeth at all, and is caused when one’s jaws don’t grow evenly or by habits such as finger sucking or tongue thrusting.

Our Aligner Advantages


  • Customized technology in your home and comfort
  • Virtually invisible making it impossible to spot
  • Removable and low on daily maintenance
  • Designed and followed up by an Orthodontist
  • Custom made with European technology with top grade material
  • Accurate, predictable end results
  • No food restrictions or interference in daily routine

What Dentists Say

Nowadays people are more inclined about aligner treatment due to following reasons:
1) Its invisible,people can wear it in their workplace,during functions etc
2) Its comfortable,ease of brushing and eating as it is removable
3) Less appointments with orthodontist, so people who are staying out of station can opt for it,follow up appointments on video call can be done
4) Less painful then conventional braces
In my opinion, the treatment outcome with aligners have been at par with that of braces and sometimes even better, as the aspect of human errors are negated in it. The duration of treatment is drastically reduced and the comfort and flexibility that it offers to the patient is incomparable to any other line of treatment. By selecting the cases carefully, aligners can definitely change the entire experience of treatment for the patient.
WHAT ARE THE PROFILES OF PEOPLE WHO ARE GOING THROUGH THE TREATMENTS (Dr. Ashima Chugh) People from all age groups and fields are going for aligner treatment s these days. We have people ranging from age of 16 – 60 years as are patients. From students to professionals from all fields to homemakers everyone is choosing Aligners as a line of treatment. More & more individuals are opting for aligners in comparison to braces because of one of the following reasons:-
• Esthetics
• No dietary restrictions
• Comfort/ease of treatment
• Early treatment completion
• Less frequent or minimal visits to the dentist
• Most important – Visibility of end results before starting the treatment.
The current pandemic has changed our outlook towards everything in life. Caution, a digital approach & door- step availability are the Keys to the New Way of life now. Aligners play huge role in providing an At Par solution with all these.

Treatment care with aligners

Though aligners are as easy on the mouth as they are on the eyes, there are certain things that patients need to be mindful of.
While specific instructions are given by the treating Orthodontist, certain common care measures are as follows:

  • teeth gap treatment
  • removable braces
  • invisalign clear aligners

Post-treatment care

Retain Your Alignment

Retain your alignment

Once your teeth straightening is done, it does not necessarily mean that period of care is over as well. Your Orthodontist may advise retainers (also invisible) which will prevent your teeth from shifting back to their previous position

Crooked Teeth Treatment

Food habits

It may so happen that your teeth are extra-sensitive immediately after the treatment. Orthodontists may therefore advise to not consume food that is too crunchy for a few days. Let your newly aligned smile rest just a few days more before going back to those crunchy snacks

Aligner Treatment

Don’t forget to brush

Keep up your twice a day brushing and flossing habits intact to keep maintain your newly rejuvenated Oral health post an aligner treatment. Not taking good care of your dental hygiene could dampen the positive effects of the treatment.

Keep in Touch

Keep in touch

Just because the aligner treatment is over does not mean your connect with the dentist needs to be over as well. Always connect with your dentist once every 6 months to ensure that your newfound smile and oral health remain intact.

Frequently asked questions

In human terms, Clear Aligners are Invisible Braces. (In robot terms, clear aligners are transparent custom-made 3D printed trays made of special biocompatible polyurethane resin which is used to straighten teeth). Clear aligners work just like regular wired braces but they are invisible so it feels like magic.
The magic of aligners works for anyone between 13 to 55 years of age.
Because they’re very cool! On a serious note, aligners are customized for everyone and can correct a variety of misalignments with the treatment duration ranging anywhere between 4 – 18 months.
It's made of Gold Standard Modified thermoplastic Poly-urethane resin which is BPA-free material.
Our aligners are the most comfortable of all orthodontic treatments and are completely hassle-free when it comes to daily use or maintenance. During the initial period, some people may experience mild discomfort or pain for a few days but the same should subside once you get more accustomed to using aligners.

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