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5 Step smile
Design Process


01. Assessment


Our team of trained personnel will visit you at the location of your choice (not kidding, we can do this while your pizza is getting ready) & collect a 3D image of your teeth using state of an art device (some high-tech stuff).

02. Customised Design


The 3D images are analyzed by our expert orthodontists to design a custom digital treatment preview plan based on your requirements and shared with you for your (majesty’s) approval.

03. Delivery


Customised product based on your smile design is delivered to you at your doorstep (you literally don’t have to step out anywhere!)

04. Makeover


After you have received your product, a certified super specialist (MDS) will supervise professional fitting of the product at a partner clinic near you.

05. Review & Monitoring


Don’t worry, fitting completion doesn’t mean we’ll forget about you. Our super-specialists will monitor your smile, by video call or in-person visit, whatever you choose on a regular basis.

Want to get #TeethSexy Smile

Want to Get a Flawless Smile?

It's easy Just book an appointment, and our smile assessment specialist will visit you for home 3D scans. The SAS will take your scans, and you will receive the custom aligner kit right at your doorstep.

Our Advantages.

Whether you are a busy on-the-go professional, a homemaker with an active social life or a millennial looking to make a good first impression, LoveMySmile solutions are custom-made to fit your needs. The smile expert support is accessible at your convenient time & place!

Orthodontic Aligners


With India’s largest network of dental professionals, support from our smile expert is just a call away.


With our highly experienced network of specialists, your smile transformation is in the best and safest hands.


They say a smile costs nothing. With our zero cost EMIs, we kind of agree!

Technologically ahead

We take pride in using the world’s best technology & materials for visibly effective results that are sustainable.

Invisible Braces Advantages

Invisalign Braces Plans

Customers Testimonials

Happy Customers are the only true measure of the ”Love” in LovemySmile White Logo

I am 55 years old and I never thought I could correct my teeth at this stage in life . I have no words to express my gratitude to my orthodontist Dr. ...

Mini Babu Unknown

My daily schedule is very tight but thanks to love my smile I am able to manage my dental checkup whenever and whatever time and date I prefer to. The...

Iammona Lamba Delhi

I am working women and my daily schedule is very tight but thanks to love my braces I am able to manage my dental checkup whenever and whatever time ...

Iammona Lama Delhi

Great experience with LoveMySmile! Highly recommended. Tried another clear aligners brand (Toothsi) earlier but their treatment couldn't help my ca...

Vishesh Garg Unknown

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