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What are LoveMySmile Metallics?

LoveMySmile Metallics are the new cool when it comes to straightening teeth and getting the smile of your dreams. In addition to providing a future-ready smile, they also perform a variety of functions like preventing future gum problems and speech issues. They are essential in safeguarding long-term oral health.

Braces not only improve the appearance of your smile and bite but also makes it easier to clean your teeth, prevent teeth grinding and abrasion, rectify jaw problems and promote efficient chewing.

Some of the primary reasons for getting braces are:

  • Straightening overcrowded or crooked teeth
  • Rectifying excessive spacing between teeth
  • Correcting a misaligned bite- Overbite or Underbite
  • Improving speech impairment
  • Reducing risk of tooth decay and gum diseases

If crooked teeth are left untreated, it could lead to various other problems in addition to aesthetic concerns such as tooth decay, headaches, gum diseases and speaking, biting & chewing problems.

How do they work?

Braces work by putting pressure on the teeth which causes them to move over a period of time and align in a specific direction. The shape of the jaw gradually adapts too conforming to the pressure. The result- a picture perfect smile as teeth straighten out with no gaps or overcrowding or misalignment.

Care with LoveMySmile Metallics

A thorough care routine once Metallics are installed is essential for perfect results and overall good oral health.

  • Brush regularly – Brush twice a day for two minutes religiously. Choose fluoride toothpaste and a soft bristle brush. Use interdental brushes to ensure there is no food lodgement anywhere.
  • Use mouthwash & Floss regularly – Flossing helps to ensure there are no food particles stuck anywhere between the teeth that the toothbrush may have missed. Rinsing with mouthwash can help reach any stubborn areas that have been missed with a floss.

You can also get the colour of your Funkies colour bands changed mid-way to level up your style quotient!

Post-treatment care

Crooked Teeth Treatment

Wear you retainer

As instructed by your orthodontist, be compliant with wearing a retainer. It is a natural tendency for our teeth to move back to their natural position after a teeth straightening procedure. The retainer ensures the teeth remain in the new aligned position.

Aligner Treatment

Keep your retainers clean

You can do this by brushing the retainer with a toothpaste and toothbrush. Some retainers may need to be cleaned with a mouthwash, your orthodontist will guide you with the exact procedure.

Keep in Touch

Maintain a good at home oral care routine

Brushing twice for two mins, flossing, using mouthwash, rinsing mouth after every meal is essential to maintain a good oral hygiene irrespective of the teeth straightening treatment.

Enjoy a bright & perfect smile that you are proud to show off!

Frequently asked questions

In simpler terms, metallic braces are a type of appliance used to straighten and align teeth. In the words of our expert orthodontists, braces are high-grade stainless steel appliances consisting of brackets, archwires, and ligatures attached to the teeth using a special dental adhesive to gradually move the teeth into their desired position.
Most orthodontists believe that braces are best for kids when they are between the ages of 10 to 14 years old. Braces shift teeth and adjust the bite, so it is best to get braces at a young age like this. But if you want to improve your smile, then we don’t age discriminate and any age can be a great time to get braces.
We know people are not fans of brushing even twice but with braces, you should brush your teeth at least three times a day to keep your teeth, gums, and mouth healthy and clean because brushing regularly will help remove any food that may be caught between your braces.
Braces do not often hurt, though you may feel a small amount of discomfort for a couple of days as your teeth, gums, cheeks, and mouth get used to your new braces.
The amount of time spent in braces will vary, depending on the individual patient, because every smile responds differently to a treatment. Treatment times can take anywhere from six to 30 months, but most standard treatments last about 18 months.

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