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Policy on Refunds & Re-treatment


  1. Refunds will be speedily processed wherever there is a wrong payment/swiping, or the smile makeover procedure is not possible or some sickness has happened to the person which makes procedure not possible. 
  2. Charges for scans/impressions will be deducted before refunds, in case of cancellation. 
  3. Consultations, x-rays, scans, diagnosis & Procedure planning, membership plans are not eligible for refund; these will be deducted. Lab charges of any kind will also be deducted.
  4. Full Refunds will not be permissible:
    • Wherever aligner/implant/brackets have been ordered or smile makeover planning has started after scans/impressions, or smile makeover has been financed or booked under any offer. Amount paid can, however, be used for any other procedure through ‘LoveMySmile’.
    • Customer did not comply with instructions and did not wear retainers for the desired number of hours per day or did not change the appliance in time or failed to wear retainers post corrections.
    • Customer does not report for procedure for long time and condition deteriorates and the aligners’/braces fit has changed. 
    • 6 months have passed since the procedure is over or customer gets procedure done at any clinic outside LoveMySmile partner network.
    • If Aligner/braces has not been collected by customer and ‘fit has changed’, due to shifting of teeth, requiring new measurements.

Explanations for deductions: Cancellation of ‘smile makeover’ will attract deductions only for the following services made to the customer by the company (regardless of offer):

  • Specialist’s Consult: Rs 1000/-
  • Scans or Impressions: Rs. 5000/-
  • Actuals on the materials ordered like aligners, implants & braces etc.
  • Full interest on EMI based Procedures  

Refund Modes: 
Mode 1: Customer may choose an alternate Procedure with LoveMySmile (no deductions will be made) 
Mode 2: Credit to customer’s Bank (deductions apply). 

Refund Process: (takes 2-4 weeks)

  1. Written request from customer alongwith reasons will be required to start the process. Customer will have to upload all receipts and Customer ID number. 
  2. Quality LMS will submit their findings regarding the services availed/given to the customer for approval of the refund by competent authority. LoveMySmile Quality reserves full and final right to approve/disapprove the refund.

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