Dr. Sakshi Goel, DDS

Last Modified: Dec 13, 2021


1. Looks unattractive

Let’s admit it, brackets however fancy are no jewellery that you can flaunt with the same confidence.There is no hiding the fact that you are undergoing a treatment, colleagues and friends often notice and ask embarrassing questions about it. Eating in social gatherings are always a little awkward as you are constantly thinking about what you are allowed and not allowed to eat.So why take the stress to go through all this, when the solution is easy and at your fingertips. Aligners are a clear, invisible and affordable solution for all your teeth problems. With LoveMyBraces the aligner journey can start at the comfort of your home without anybody noticing.

2. Hygiene Issue

With traditional braces treatment-brackets, wires and other fixed accessories often increase the chances of food lodgement and reduce the efficiency of tooth brushing. This makes maintaining hygiene difficult often resulting in bad breath and yellowish discoloration of teeth. It may also result in increased tartar formation around teeth and gums leading to the problem of bleeding gums.In today’s busy lifestyle who has time to make so many changes to your regular habits? Choose Aligners for your treatment; invisible, removable and comfortable The only change will be your beautiful smile. Grab the opportunity at the comfort of your home.

3. Risk of Allergy

Some people who have sensitive skin specially to artificial jewellery are often allergic to metallic components of brackets and wires in traditional braces. This may result in frequent ulcers, soreness and dryness of mouth. Go metal free with Aligners, no wires no brackets, just thin smooth clear resin trays doing all the work. In this case, No Pain Only Gain.

4. Diet restrictions

Since brackets are fixed to the teeth with an artificial material its extremely important for the treatment to not displace it. So during the treatment one has to avoid all crispy, crunchy food like pizzas, burgers, nachos, popcorn along with food of hard consistency like apple,nuts and caramel which require increased chewing. So why confine when going wild is an option. Eat whatever you like whenever you like without affecting your treatment with Aligners. Just remove them while eating!!

5. Emergency crisis!!

Unexpected situations may make you run to your orthodontist dropping all your plans for the day. Poky wires causing bruise and cheek bite, bracket breakage leaving the bracket loose in the mouth sometimes even posing the risk of ingestion and most common something stuck in between your teeth which just won’t come out with any flexible brush. With Aligners there are no accessory attachments hence no risk of breakage and the trays can be easily removed and placed for efficient brushing. So no need to run around and in case of doubt get a digital consultation to fix your problem.


Dec 13, 2021