Dr. Vidhi Vatsala

Last Modified: Mar 23, 2023


Table of Contents

  • 01.What are the common Causes of Teeth Gaps?
  • 02.5 Ways to Fix the Gap Between Teeth
  • 03.To sum up

Are you also hiding your mouth when smiling due to the gap between your teeth? Teeth alignment has a vital impact on your confidence, especially when you are socializing. The discomfort caused due to teeth gaps can affect your behaviour and body language, affecting your impression of people. Moreover, the teeth gaps also contribute to overall oral hygiene. 70% of people feel that a tiny change in their appearance largely affects their self-esteem. However, one should not worry about fixing the tooth gap, as numerous treatments are available to fix it.

Let’s dive in further to know the causes and ways to fix them.

What are the common Causes of Teeth Gaps?

Teeth gaps can be the result of improper jaw alignment, lost teeth or any habit of thumb sucking (in the case of teenagers or kids). Here are the most common causes of teeth gaps:

  • Skeletal development is where the teeth grow in a certain way
  • Extra teeth or new teeth that push other teeth to incorrect alignment
  • Missing teeth cause the other teeth to fill gaps improperly which can create a huge gap
  • Small teeth cover less space and leave a gap
  • A large jawbone creates a vast gap in teeth
  • Large tongue creating spaces between teeth
  • Thumb sucking or tongue thrusting habits can also lead to teeth gaps
  • Periodontal disease or High frenum attachment
  • Other oral problems and disease

5 Ways to Fix the Gap Between Teeth

Teeth gaps are treatable and orthodontists are trained with exceptional technology and careful intervention. Invisalign and braces are the most common teeth gap treatments to cure the gaps and retain your lost confidence. Here are the 5 teeth gap treatment:

Braces are the most effective and convenient way to fix teeth gaps. If you have a large gap between teeth along with issues like alignment and food-biting problems, braces showcase excellent results. Depending on the condition, different braces options are used like metal, ceramic, or lingual. However, seeing the results typically takes 12-18 months as it is a slow process.

Invisalign Aligners
Most trending, reliable and effective teeth gap treatment. Cutting-edge 3D technology is used to make clear Invisalign aligners. Nowadays, people are opting for aligners treatment over braces to make their physical appearance look more appealing even when the aligners are on. Usually, teenagers find metallic braces quite problematic, but aligners are easy to remove while eating/drinking or brushing.

Dental Bonding
Dental bonding is usually performed to fill the small teeth gaps. A teeth gap treatment where the same composite material is used as the material sticks to the teeth and fills the void. It is a rapid and cost-effective process.

Porcelain Veneers
It is thin custom-made layers of material that permanently fit the front of the teeth. They are comfortable and won’t irritate gums. Good quality material is used which is stain-resistant. A great way to enhance the beauty of your smile. Moreover, it is considered the most natural and cosmetic teeth gap treatment.

Teeth Implants
As a missing tooth is one of the reasons for the gap between teeth, dental implants are best to fix lost teeth or replace a damaged tooth. It establishes the support system, preserves your jaw bone and reduces more teeth loss risks.

To sum up

Teeth gaps can have an impact on the overall personality. But the expertise of orthodontics can bring your lost confidence and beautiful smile back. Don’t worry about bringing yourself back, you don’t need to make the heavy investment as all the teeth gap treatment is cost-effective.




Dr. Vidhi Vatsala

Mar 23, 2023