Dr. Vidhi Vatsala

Last Modified: Mar 18, 2023


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  • 01. Do’s and Don’ts Tips to Achieve Perfect Teeth Using Teeth Aligners
  • 02. Do’s
  • 03. Don’ts

Wondering why you are not seeing the results of wearing teeth aligners? This might be due to your carelessness and ignorance to look after the teeth aligners. The results of an aligner to get perfect teeth depend on how many precautions you are taking. People often don’t wear aligners for 22 hours a day and expect to get perfectly aligned teeth in just a few months. Just like your smile, you should be a bit conscious about the cleansing of teeth aligners.

Clean aligners regularly, rinse them with water, avoid eating sticky food etc., are some common precautions advised by the dental expert. Sometimes, ignorance can even lead to tooth cavities and other dental problems due to improper hygiene of the aligners.

To make your aligner treatment easy, we have divided the tips into a list of Do’s and Don’ts.

Do’s and Don’ts Tips to Achieve Perfect Teeth Using Teeth Aligners

Here are the must Do’s and Don’ts while using clear aligners to get the perfect teeth.


Soak Teeth Aligners Once a day
If you want your teeth aligners to look and smell clean, soak them at least once a day. Use cleaning crystals or denture cleaners to soak them. After soaking, use a toothbrush and brush off all the food particles and plaque from it. After cleaning, rinse them with warm water before slipping them back into your mouth. Regular cleansing ensures that anything stuck in an aligner won’t grow and cause harm to your teeth.

Brush Your Teeth Before Wearing Aligners
Ensure that before wearing aligners you floss and brush your teeth to avoid any sort of dental problems. It will enhance oral cleanliness and no food particles or cavities will be trapped between the aligners and your teeth.

Focus on Eating Habits
Are you someone who likes to munch on snacks now and then? If so, it will be challenging for you to get perfect teeth within a short period by wearing aligners. To get effective results, a person has to wear the aligners minimum of 20 to 22 hours a day. Constantly removing the teeth aligners also reduces their lifespan. Focus on your eating habits. During the treatment, you can avoid munching on snacks every time. Be mindful while taking off the aligners.

Avoid Caffeine Intake
If you are coffee addicted, you might need to change your habits to get the perfect teeth. Drinking coffee on aligners stains the aligners and the only drink advisable to have aligners on is water. These stains make your teeth aligners visible to others. It will also affect the lifespan and quality of aligners. Think once, before you enjoy more than 1-2 coffee cups a day.

Change Aligners on Time
If you want to see the results of aligners quickly, you need to be a little more focused on changing the teeth aligners on time. Visit a dental expert to know the condition of the aligners and take their advice on when you should change them.


Don’t leave Trays in the Open
Leaving the aligners out in the open is the worst decision. Always store them in their case when you are not using them. Open-air exposure can lead to building bacteria in the aligner. If you leave your aligners out in the open for a few hours, rinse them before using them. Keep the aligners case handy.

Never use Scented or Colored Soaps
To make the aligner treatment effective and to enhance the lifespan of aligners, be very mindful while cleaning them. When you use strong scented/coloured soaps or toothpaste it leaves a residue on the aligner tray which leads to the discolouration of aligners. Also, the residue might give you an unpleasant taste. Ask the orthodontist about the kind of toothpaste or soap you should choose for the cleansing of teeth aligners.

To Sum Up

To get the perfect teeth you need to be a bit careful while wearing aligners. Just take some precautions and wait for 7-8 months, and you will be ready to smile again, without any hesitation.



Dr. Vidhi Vatsala

Mar 18, 2023